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Welcome to the International Edition of the #1 Greek cookery blog, Cucina Caruso!

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Our blog will introduce you to the dishes we love cooking at home which have become the most popular recipes online in Greece. Focusing primarily on Greek recipes, you will discover a fascinating new aspect of Mediterranean cuisine which has not been fully explored until now.

Who are we?

We are Dimitris ‘Caruso’ Papazimouris from Athens, Greece and Sophie Williams from Cardiff, Wales and we live a very happy life together. Between us we have 5 children from our previous marriages. Dimitris had a very successful career as a marketing and advertising specialist in Greece before turning his passion for great home food and cooking into his main job, while Sophie has been in English language education and is a voice-over recording artist. Our favourite pastimes are having noisy impromptu dinner parties at home with family and friends, road trips through Greece and Europe and the odd night at the opera or a restaurant.

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Dimitris is the driving force of the cooking and development of savoury recipes, while Sophie concentrates on the desserts and is the editor of the international site. We are thrilled that through the success of Cucina Caruso Greece we have built a loyal and growing army of followers –half a million Greeks regularly follow the blog. We now want to smash through the language barrier and make Cucina Caruso dishes travel internationally!

Why is it called Caruso?

Perdika CarusoDimitri’s paternal grandmother, Perdika Caruso, was from the Greek island of Cephalonia. She was the last of the Santrivilio line carrying the name Caruso, which had originated in Piacenza, Italy in the 13th century.

In 1499, Don Cristoforo Caruso, the Baron della Terra Bassa, settled on the island of Cephalonia, Greece, and the Caruso family became one of the most influential families of the island. caruso crestDimitri chose the name Caruso for his blog to honour his grandma’s memory and to give a new future to his historic family name.

The blog logo is a tongue-in-cheek reinterpretation of the original Caruso family crest.

What we do differently

Many of our recipes will have names familiar to you from taverna menus all over Greece, but here at Cucina Caruso we never simply pass on recipes given to us.

Our difference in approach is that we sample many different versions of a recipe to find its key secrets and often use improvements in cooking technique to come up with the best possible contemporary version of traditional dishes.

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Written and photographed by Dimitris with meticulous instructions and  explanations based on scientific know-how, our recipes always work. Our cooking mantra is less is more, believing that it is often better to subtract ingredients to get to the essence of a dish’s character.

People say that our recipes have all the wholesomeness of their traditional heritage, but combined with a newfound elegance; dishes with strong personality and a delicate balance of flavours.

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This is what makes them unique, and is the reason for over 20 million visits to our Greek blog.
These are flavours born in Greece and the Mediterranean, ready to fill kitchens all over the world with aromas, colours and textures!

Kali orexi!

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    Jennifer Kawas

    Awesome butter bean recipe!

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    Steve Smith

    It’s great that you elaborated that the taverna is one of the most familiar delicacies in Greece. This Saturday, my spouse and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary. I want to surprise a great Greek restaurant for our Mediterranean cuisine cravings. Thanks for the tips about choosing Chinese. I will be calling a Greek restaurant to see if I can make a reservation.

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